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What is Professional Window Washing?

Professional window washing uses an applicator and a squeegee.  Then adapts a special technique by scrubbing the window with soap and water, using a squeegee to efficiently and quickly remove all dirty water from the glass.  If done correctly, the glass is left spot free in a fraction of the time it would take to use a rag and a bottle of window cleaner.

Retail Window Cleaning

Why when I use a squeegee does the glass come out streaked?

First, understand that when you leave water behind on the glass, it looks fine when wet but after it dries, you have condensed all that dirt in a very thin streak and now it looks worse than it did before you started.  The squeegee you are using “bleeds” water off both ends as you move it across the glass.  All that water dries in place and those are most of the streaks you are seeing.  If the squeegee is used properly, the water is “corralled” to the bottom of the window where it can be “closed out” at the sill.

How do you clean windows in the winter months?

Winter months in Minnesota bring special challenges to our industry.  Windows in the winter actually get dirtier faster than in the summer.  The cold temperatures keep the smog in the air closer to the ground longer than on hot summer days. We add Methanol (99% pure) to our water to keep it from freezing.  We do more window washing (on retail store fronts) from December through February because a lot of customers ask for our services then and either cut back from, say a weekly service to a monthly service in the Spring, Summer & Fall.

Why are your prices so much lower than almost all of your competitors?

My dad (Doug) started this company back in the mid 60’s. Back then companies would drive down to Chicago & Lake to pick up 3 – 4 people to work day labor. We would not see them again till they needed a little extra spending money.  Doug decided to change all that and train people to wash windows efficiently enough to be profitable to both them and his new company.  He took a risk and used his talent for sales and began marketing the area for enough customers to keep them all busy year round.  My dad sold this company to me in 1983 and I have taken it to some extraordinary Heights. Citywide Window Washing cleans more retail store fronts than ANY window washing company in Minnesota.  Because I don’t have the travel time most do, I can charge less.  I have several guys working my routes who have been with me for 20+ years. My office manager has been with me since 1989 and my sales manager has been with me since 1983.  We treat our employees fairly and give a great and consistent service to our customers.

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