How to get a months worth of window cleaning Free
Get One Free Outside Only Cleaning here

General Guide Lines:

  1. You can not have already received a free months cleaning in the past.
  2. You must pay for the year in advance
  3. You need to choose between a Weekly, Every Other Week or a Monthly service.
  4. You cannot be a current customer without prior approval.
  5. This offer extends to each service location you choose to have done.  If you have 20 locations, I will service all 20 for a month free as long as you meet the conditions above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if I don’t like the service or need to stop the service?
    1. You are under no contract and you can get your money back at any time for any reason.
      1. If you do request a refund however, the free month is retracted from the refund.
  2. What if I start out as weekly then change to monthly?
    1. Since you already paid for a weekly service, I would take whatever the balance is and apply it to future years service.  A refund for that is not offered.
  3. What if I start out as Monthly and change to weekly?
    1. Once your account reaches a zero balance, you would then be billed monthly. The free month still applies.
  4. Is there sales tax on window cleaning?
    1. Yes, if you are in Minnesota.  There is no sales tax in Wisconsin however.
  5. How long have you been in business?
    1. Citywide is a second generation window cleaning company in the Twin Cities.  Current ownership since 1983
  6. Can I try your service out 1st?
    1. Yes, but your best option for this is to request a free outside cleaning here.
  7. How do I pay or start the service?
    1. Fill out the form below and I’ll get you a quote.  If you accept the bid, I will send you an invoice by email or mail and you can either send in a check, call with a credit card or go to my website here to pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

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